Bria Lee – Throwing Darts (Official Video)

Bria Lee – Throwing Darts (Official Video)

“I wonder if he’ll hit the mark”

We can preach all day about how Fridays are all about excellence, but it means nothing if we don’t live it. Somethings are beyond a pleasure to witness and just a pure blessing to enjoy. Bria Lee has truly blessed us with giving us a video for her song “Throwing Darts” that does everything that visuals should do

Bria Lee provides an exciting video filled with edge that showcases her as the star she is. Bria not only uses “Throwing Darts” to talk keeping your guard up, building walls and not letting people get too close because you’re afraid of getting hurt, which is something everyone can relate to but it also shows her musical prowess at a high level.

Bria Lee’s “Throwing Darts” is a genius level production of music that embodies everything that makes people fall in love with music. The music is truly master class, from the vocal performance that makes you feel every word, the lyrics that are engaging and flow, as well as the production that is on another level that is the perfect score for the picture created.

Check out Bria Lee “Throwing Darts” official video below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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