“I ain’t out here for no simple woman”

It’s very easy to find hip hop music that has the swagger and bravado that engages you. Easy enough you can find it pretty much anywhere from anyone. The one thing that is not as easy to find is the right R&B song with swagger. It’s usually hit or miss with most of them being misses but with REGI FLIH up to bat he knocks it out the park on his song “Strip”.

REGI FLIH crafts together a one of a kind audio masterpiece with his song “Strip”. The sound has a dark, beautiful, trap sound that is truly special. REGI FLIH really lets his songwriting skills shine on this incredible record,with a pen that is truly poetic in it’s story telling that gives this song incredible life. 

REGI FLIH’s “Strip” is the perfect song to show his high level of musical skills to the fullest. The vocal performance is amazing, the songwriting is brilliant and the production is beyond genius that truly makes this record beyond music, but just great work to enjoy.

Check out REGI FLIH “Strip” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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