Abby Jasmine Featuring XanMan – On My Way

Abby Jasmine Featuring XanMan – On My Way

“Serve em in the lobby, then go back to counting figures”

If you want to have that music that connects with people then it needs to have that special thing. It needs to be something that the people can feel, and know if they want to hear this kind of talent, they must come to you.. Abby Jasmine understands this perfectly as she crafts a must hear record with XanMan on the new song “On My Way”

Abby Jasmine links with XanMan to perform gold standard music on her new song “On My Way”. Spitting with a high class of master craftsmanship through out this entire record. The pen is slick, as it glides through this production that is the perfect canvas for them to perform their high level of art. The lyrics are on point and each line is delivered right on target with a flow, that packs bravado, blended with a melodic tone that’s perfect

Abby Jasmine featuring XanMan “On My Way” is an incredible work of art that represents the new wave to the fullest. Abby is an exceptional and its ever so apparent on this incredible record. The rhymes are a vibe in itself, the flow is melodic and polished, and the production brings everything full circle to make this track a must hear.

Check out Abby Jasmine featuring XanMan “On My Way”  below, as well as her new project “I Hate You All” and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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