Max Frost- Perfect Man

Max Frost- Perfect Man

“Well babe I’d be lying if tried to say that I’m a perfect man // And all of my life ya I’ve made mistakes I’ll probably make ‘em again”

You already know here at Global Money we aim to deliver the freshest content on earth. Rather it’s music, art, fashion, or sports you know we got you covered. Perfect Man by Max Frost is definitely a song you need to check out. This is what we mean when we stay fresh!

Where should I even begin? Max Frost’s relatable lyrics are both honest and refreshing. Perfect Man is the perfect blend of chic, sexy, and smooth. There are elements of soft jazz in the beat and yet the vibe flows well from rock, to pop to soul and we are definitely here for it. It is easy to appreciate the way Max’s vocals perfectly compliment the beat rather than competes with it. My only criticism is the song ends way too fast…I suppose that’s why the repeat exist.

Be sure to check out Perfect Man  using the link below and follo Max Frost on social media. Stay Global Friends!

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