Logo-Heavy Trendsetter: Kith

Logo-Heavy Trendsetter: Kith

Greetings Global Family. This installment of Global Fashion will focus on the brand Kith. Here at Global Money we understand and respect the value of branding yourself. When it comes to branding Kith definitely has a magic and successful formula.

Have you ever heard the name: Ronnie Fieg? Well if not, he is the brilliant mind behind Kith. Did you know that Kith is one of the most coveted names in the sneaker and streetwear world? While Kith has been known to team up with some incredible brands, it has a taste level that makes it an impactful standalone brand as well. If you are interest in a logo-heavy urban streetwear brand then look no further than Keith. If you are interested in a nod to the nostalgia of Tommy Hilfiger be sure to check out the Kith capsule collection (Autumn/Winter 18).

So what fashion lessons have we learned today? Branding really matters. If you want to standout, standalone, or get noticed you must brand yourself. Kith has managed to brand itself well from past, to present, and beyond.

Be sure to check out Kith using the links below and follow them on social media. Stay Global Friends!



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