Jay Kasai x Daylyt x Christine Ariya – Pray For Me

Jay Kasai x Daylyt x Christine Ariya – Pray For Me

“Can you pray for me”

A true mark of a great artist is one that can take their own personal experience and make incredible music. Baring their soul and making the listener grow true fan attachment to their work. All of that is what Jay Kasai and Daylyt give you on the new song “Pray For Me”.

Jay Kasai and Daylyt show true artistry with the new song “Pray For Me”. They’re able to capture hard issues and vulnerability, while still being musically intact to do genius level work. The song writing is deep and will hit home for the masses. The flows are still intact but has a rawness to it that makes it human, with conviction you can feel that drives it all home, and Christine Ariya adding extra soul in the hook to give it a special touch.

Jay Kasai featuring Daylyt and Christine Ariya “Pray For Me” is a song you must hear now. They’re truly superb at telling their own personal experiences, while also showing the many levels of their consciousness with brilliantly telling a story that comes together to form a masterpiece. The lyrics are beyond incredible, the flows are hard, the vocals are smooth and soulful, and the delivery is filled with conviction that is a true testament to the high level of emceeing being displayed.

Check out Jay Kasai featuring Daylyt and Christine Ariya “Pray For Me” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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