Cantrell – Memories Never Die

Cantrell – Memories Never Die

“Momma hit the grind and got us out the hood”

Happy Friday!! It’s a great start to the weekend and it’s filled with plenty of good music. On this day we make it a point to post the best of the best, it’s only fitting we have music from Cantrell. A superb emcee that we could do a whole post on his previous releases alone, as his work rate has been incredible to make 2019 a spectacular year for his career. Cantrell gives you every reason to listen to his music with his record “Memories Never Die”.

Cantrell’s has a lot of traits in his skillset but one of his biggest ways of standing out is his approach. The way he steps up to any track is filled with, integrity and special precision to deliver stand out music with “Memories Never Die” being a shining example of that. The story telling is special with him being lyrically amazing to paint the picture for the listener to bring the lyrics to life, while he snaps over a production filled with theatrics to make it all come together.

Cantrell’s “Memories Never Die” is the perfect introduction to him if you’ve never heard him before and a record his fans love. He does everything supreme to be stand out from lyrics, flow, delivery, and picks the right production to make his own for this incredible record.

Check out Cantrell “Memories Never Die” below as as well as his new short film “Devil Never Even Lived”, and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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