Jhonni Blaze – Lil Favorite

Jhonni Blaze – Lil Favorite

“Have him running up a check, till he running out of breath”

Some talent just can’t be denied. No matter whats your preference or what you consider to be great, some people just defy it all and have that special thing that recognizable from your first listen and beyond. That’s everything Jhonni Blaze is on her new song “Lil Favorite”.

Jhonni Blaze has a sound that is hynotique, as it lures you in and has you lost in amazement. The sound is infectious on “Lil Favorite”, with Jhonni riding the beat to perfection with her balance of a melodic rhyme style that maneuvers at ease through this production, with her signature style the world will love endlessly.

Jhonni Blaze’s “Lil Favorite” is must hear music that the culture needs to hear. She makes an incredible statement from beginning to end with her great lyrics, incredible vocal approach that is the perfect storm of smooth and trill, and all over the right production that is a match made in heaven for her style.

Check out Jhonni Blaze “Lil Favorite” below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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