“Moving fast, after dark, it’s a happy place”

I love all types of music, but the music I appreciate the most is from artists who truly dive deep into their creativity. Artists who truly make it a point to be as innovative as possible and take the listeners on a journey they never knew they needed to be on. That’s exactly what BLITZ VEGA does with the new song “LA VAMPIRE”.

Incredible talent BLITZ VEGA consisting of Andy Rourke (bassist from The Smiths) new project with KAV (front-man & former Happy Mondays guitarist) marvel on their new song “LA VAMPIRE”. It truly showcases it’s talents and puts them all on full bloom.. The sound is captivating and thrilling with incredible song writing and brilliant production that makes this record one of a kind came together to create to make the perfect masterpiece with so many different elements to enjoy, just in time for Halloween.

The new song “LA VAMPIRE” is a work of art for real music fans from all over to appreciate. From the brilliant instrumentation and production, great lyrics, and the perfect mix that brings everything together to create a stellar track. If you love good music, stop what you’re doing now and go on a ride with BLITZ VEGA as the music will take you to another plateau.

Check out BLITZ VEGA “LA VAMPIRE” below and follow on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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