Know Your (Fashion) History: Sean Jean

Know Your (Fashion) History: Sean Jean

Greetings Global Family. This installment of Global Fashion will focus on the brand Sean John which was one of the premier upscale menswear lines that took the fashion world by storm. Here at Global Money we support paying homage to greatness. Diddy is a genius and he not only paved the way he made a way for so many people.

Let’s talk about Sean John, the brand was founded in 1988 by the iconic Sean “Diddy” Combs. What makes Sean John so special is the fact that it instantly became a cultural force. Diddy has always been know for his excellent taste but he didn’t just give the world an upscale brand…with Sean John, Diddy was able to connect high fashion menswear and streetwear. This was very special because this move changed the game. In addition to longevity Sean John spans across many categories, including Tailored Suits, Outerwear, Hats, Watches, Eyewear, Fragrance, Loungewear, Bedding and more.

So what fashion lessons have we learned today? It’s important to know our fashion history. We should respect and pay homage to the greats who came before us. Rather you love Diddy or just don’t understand Diddy, he created a wave and made so much possible for the designers we see today.

Be sure to check out Sean John using the links below and follow them on social media. Stay Global Friends!

Sean John Website

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