Neak Featuring Taylor Iman – Dreamer’s Sadness

Neak Featuring Taylor Iman – Dreamer’s Sadness

“It’s on you to be the best you that ever did it”

Music is an ever changing thing, as well as the game of music. Most artist are only dropping singles and have gone from making a cohesive project, to have a signature body of work that speaks to their level of talent. That void for projects is filled by Neak with his classic “KWESBAAR” and he has visuals to the finale track “Dreamer’s Sadness” featuring Taylor Iman.

If you heard Neak’s project “KWESBAAR” then you understand that this track perfect finale for the project. The synths set the perfect tone as they shine and mash with the funk groove in the background while, Neak shows his high level of skill, being lyrically sharp, dropping gems of knowledge in every bar, and delivering every line with his octane flow filled with soul, while Taylor Iman adds that extra level of soul to this stellar track.

Neak featuring Taylor Iman “Dreamer’s Sadness” is Neak at his finest. He’s an artist in every sense of the word, with him being daring, creative, innovative, and most of all soulful in his approach to not only make great music but make music with purpose that he fulfills in every way.

Check out Neak featuring Taylor Iman “Dreamers Sadness” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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