Hip-Hop, Fashion, & Positivity: Karl Kani

Hip-Hop, Fashion, & Positivity: Karl Kani

Greetings Global Family! This installment of Global Fashion will focus on the Karl Kani. Here at Global Money we salute longevity especially as it pertains to fashion and music.

Hip-Hop and fashion go together like gin and juice peanut butter and jelly and the creator of Karl Kani recognized that almost 30 years ago. Although Carl Williams, the founder and creator of Karl Kani had been designing and honing his craft since the age of 16 it was the death of a close friend that motivated him to get more serious. Referring to his friend’s passing Carl said, “It made me think about life differently”, I thought I should really do something positive.”

So what fashion lessons have we learned today? Sometimes you have a gift and you use it on a small scale and that’s cool. But other times truly life altering events happen and motivate us to share our gift, similar to the humble beginnings of Karl Kani.

Be sure to check out Karl Kani using the links below and follow him on social media. Stay Global Friends!



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