Michigan’s own Kyle Mack gives us a deeper look into the man behind the music, influences, “Yeezy Shrug”, and more!

Michigan’s own Kyle Mack gives us a deeper look into the man behind the music, influences, “Yeezy Shrug”, and more!

True artists always shine bright no matter what. High caliber artistry always builds excitement and shakes the world. One of the most talented artist around is Kyle Mack with his song “Yeezy Shrug”. Immediately after hearing this music, we were intrigued with this talented artist and wanted to know more. Kyle Mack was gracious enough to take the time to answer questions for us. Below is the interview.

Who is Kyle Mack the artist?

Who is Kyle Mack?! You mean besides being an Olympic snowboarding worldwide sensation…Oh sorry, wrong Kyle Mack. But all jokes aside Kyle Mack is a Catholic School Bastard, a high school loner, suburban rapper, and academic scholar who went and got his masters. Hailing out of Novi, MI in the metro Detroit area.

Who are some of the influences and how do you incorporate that into the music?

Some of my biggest influences include the names of Childish GambinoBig Sean, Drake, and J. Cole. These artists have taught me and helped me to embrace myself as an individual/artist. Helping me to become more comfortable in my own skin and express my thoughts/views on a pen and pad. Every single one of these artists showed me its okay to show the world who you really are. It doesn’t matter who judges you all that matters in your happiness and music is my ultimate happy place.

What was your favorite part of creating your new song “Yeezy Shrug”

My favorite part about putting this song together is the vibe it creates. I can’t even dance and I swear everytime I hear this joint it makes me want to bop or 2 -step myself haha. The entire hook is a whole mood. “I do what I want, yeah.” It’s days when you have to “follow” rules or a list of guidelines and let’s be honest you’re tired of it. It can get old real quick. Rules only cause restrictions if you ask me so sometimes it’s great to be able to not have to worry about them and do anything you want or would like to do. It’s as if the more you hear the song, the more it empowers you to take back your life and make decisions that will benefit you and your life.

How did you know it was time to drop “Yeezy Shrug”

Actually, my bro Kultur3 was prepping for his upcoming project “The Mxxdy Tape” and he originally was going to scratch the song from the project. But we both were playing the song for all our friends, DJ’s, artists, and any producers we knew for feedback. It was inevitable after a while that everyone was vibing with this song and it quickly became a fan favorite. So Kultur3 and I decided we should definitely drop this single ASAP. After linking up in the studio and discussing logistics we concluded “Yeezy Shrug” would be a dope promo single for “The Mxxdy Tape” and an amazing promotional single for myself as well especially since I hadn’t dropped any new music in a while.

What do you want people to take away from your music as a whole?

DREAM REGARDLESS OF EVERYTHING AGAINST ME! I want each and every single listener to hear and understand that no matter what obstacles you face, no matter who tells you,” No”, or no matter how many times you’ve failed/fallen your dreams are within reach. The day you stop chasing and/or working towards your dreams is the day they are no longer are within your grasp. Never give up, keep pushing through whatever muck life throws your way and make it across the finish line. Anything is possible and anything is achievable so why not show yourself, those who have always supported you, and those who have always doubted you.

What’s next for Kyle Mack?

Next up for me is more work, more music, and more performances. Currently I’m in the process of working on a lot of collaborative projects along with the third installment of my Heart to Heart EP series. These will be 5 total collaborative projects between producers and artists. But before any of those collaborative efforts or Heart to Heart III are released one thing is for sure; a music video for “Yeezy Shrug” will be shot, edited, & released. So until then everyone continue to keep streaming “Yeezy Shrug” which is available on all digital streaming platforms and keep spreading the vibes.

Check out Kyle Mack “Yeezy Shrug” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!


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