DLNQNT featuring So Loki and Lil B – Spiderman

DLNQNT featuring So Loki and Lil B – Spiderman

“I’ma shoot my web right on her face”

Music is meant for a lot of things but, all forms of music are meant to be enjoyed. Some music is just fun and really has a glow to it that makes it enjoyable to hear, whenever you hit play. If you looking for that music that will get you going and brighten the dimmest day then check out the new song from DLNQNT featuring So Loki, and Lil B!

First we must give props to DLNQNT for getting a rare feature from the BasedGod himself Lil B, which is super dope in itself. DLNQNT links with Lil B and the duo So Loki to craft a must hear track. This track is an infectious bounce in the production that sets the perfect mood, for this collective of artists to shine on providing an unlimited amount of swaggy lyrics and flex in the presence, as they save the day and get you tangled in their web of talent.

DLNQNT featuring So Loki and Lil B “Spiderman” is everything you need in music to keep you going. In a time where music is dark, it shines brighter than ever and guides you to the best musical destination possible, with crafty lyrics, fun flow, and the right production to make it enjoyable for the masses.

Check out DLNQNT featuring So Loki and Lil B “Spiderman” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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