j-rob – Fuck12

j-rob – Fuck12

“Scared of my face, scared of my race”

Artists make music for a lot of different reasons. For whatever reason someone uses, music for artistry, it’s always important to use your voice to say something with meaning. Something to add value to the listeners life. That’s exactly what j-rob does on his new song “Fuck12”.

The new song “Fuck12” by j-rob has a sound that can’t be denied. The production hits you right away as it grabs you instantly with it’s blend of Grunge and Hip Hop to bring to life, his raw artistry. He uses his presence on the mic to be the voice for the people, who suffer under systems of race, class, and identity-based oppression, while still being able to flex his lyrical prowess that works magic.

The new song “Fuck12” by j-rob is a brilliant track that has the story telling of legends. The lyrics are the perfect pen to paint over this hard and exhilarating production, that is the perfect canvas, and the vocal performance that brings everything full circle to make an incredible track.

Check out j-rob “Fuck12” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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