Chicago Over Everything: Vita

Chicago Over Everything: Vita

Greetings Global Family. This installment of Global Fashion will focus on the brand Vita. Here at Global Money we always aim to bring you the freshest content on the planet. Rather it’s high-end fashion, everyday attire, or fresh off the runway…here at Global World Fashion we have you covered!

If you are a fan of fashionable yet comfortable streetwear…look no further. One thing we love about Vita is the everyday wear-ability of this line. Vita offers fresh style with a classic feel. Also if you are from or live in Chicago it is mandatory for you to cop a “Chicago Over Everything” shirt!

So what fashion lessons have we learned today? Vita proves that you can look fantastic and feel comfortable at the same time. Vibrant prints, brilliant colors, and comfort all in one line….what more could we ask for?

Be sure to check out Vita using the link below and Stay Global Friends!

Vita Website

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