Fashion Matters: Expression is ART

Fashion Matters: Expression is ART

Greetings Global Family it feels wonderful to be back with you. Our fashion analysis and discussions on brands, designers, and trends are truly a breath of fresh air aren’t they? Today’s installment of Global Fashion is just a hello and reminder that YOU and your fashion choices are like living breathing ART.

Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that people will approach and treat you different depending on what you wear? It’s kind of wild when you really think about this concept. Think about the feelings a uniform evokes. What about jeans with holes vs crisp pristine denim? Rather you rock a three piece suit, a mini skirt, or skinny jeans just know how you look speaks volumes to who people THINK you are.

What you wear and how you look does matter to some extent. In some circles it matters a lot in other circles it matters a lot less but overall it truly does matter. I like to think of fashion much more deeply than the materialistic surface. Fashion is ART. Rather you are a fashion consumer or a fashion designer we all have the ability to make the world a bit more beautiful with something as simple as our style.

Who you are is always most important but keep in my what you wear may dictate if you even get to share who you are. My best fashion advice is to be unapologetically yourself, be bold, and be inspired….after all you are living art.

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