“There ain’t a 401K in the dope game”

We’ve made it to another week, which means we made it to another Sunday of hearing amazing music. Everyday we make it a point to post the best music out there, and we say with supreme confidence YF LINK has some of the best music out there with his new song “GOOD MORNING”. 

YF LINK gives you everything that makes people fall in love with an artist on his new song “GOOD MORNING”. YF gives you those serious soul vibes, while giving you a master class performance of Hip Hop. The flow is ambitious as you can hear his hunger as he spits his hard lyrics filled with conscious awareness in every line.

YF LINK “GOOD MORNING” is that stand out music from a stand out artist you need to become a fan of. YF LINK is able to provide an organic experience packed with flavor, that you can just throw your headphones on for and just vibe out to. The charisma on the mic is infectious and a thing of stars, while the lyrics tell a story you have to admire.

Check out YF LINK “GOOD MORNING” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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