Marie Lang – Comfort Zone

Marie Lang – Comfort Zone

“I’m like, you’re the eye of the storm”

The whole purpose of starting the Global Media R&B was to showcase the best music from around the world. The music that must be acknowledged and is game changing in it’s approach, as well as carrying soul. No other song embodies all of this right now like Marie Lang’s new song “Comfort Zone”.

Marie Lang’s creativity is on full bloom on her new song “Comfort Zone”. The song writing is pure genius and is as intricate in it’s articulation, you will hear from any part of the world. The vocal performance is soulful and pays off in major ways, with a signature style that grabs you instantly and, delivers everything you need to hear over this impressive production.

Marie Lang’s “Comfort Zone” is that innovative style of music that keeps music moving forward. Marie is amazing in her execution, and delivers a musical masterpiece that the world should cherish. Everything is high quality and it makes for audio bliss from, as soon as you hit play till the song is over. 

Check out Marie Lang “Comfort Zone” below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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