Winnie Churchill feat Heather Goosney – Four Courses

Winnie Churchill feat Heather Goosney – Four Courses

“It’s like Toronto in me,  Them people that you see me with it’s like Toronto with me”

Happy Tuesday! It’s always a pleasure to bring dope new content and it’s even doper seeing an artist vision fully form and make it the most it can be. With that in mind it’s only fitting webring you the new video from Winnie Churchill titled “Four Courses” featuring Heather Goosney.

Winnie Churchill is the perfect representation of the new wave on his song “Four courses” as he pushes the limits of music with his new style. Winnie Churchill’s “Four Courses” has so much soul as he brilliantly sets an intimate tone with with a smooth production and flowing perfectly over the 808’s and angelic harmonies from Heather Goosney that makes everything click just right.

Winnie Churchill featuring Heather Goosney “Four Courses” gives you so many different elements to appreciate on “Four Courses”. The rapping being very soulful and polished, the songwriting being hip hop in it’s approach and cadence, the production setting the right mode, accompanied by Heather Goosneys vocals and a video that make it all reach it’s full potential.

Check out Winnie Churchill featuring Heather Goosney “Four Courses” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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