Rosebudd – Major Flav II

Rosebudd – Major Flav II

“Rain, sleet, or snow like whats the weather”

Happy Monday!!! It’s the start of another incredible week and more incredible music. We try to start the week of with special music. That’s only possible by an artist who is beyond words. Rosebudd is that one of a kind talent that doesn’t come around often, with her new song “Major Flav II” being the ultimate proof.

Rosebudd does what is a rarity in today’s climate and makes music you can not only feel, but dream to on her new song “Major Flav II”. The sound is truly mesmerizing and puts you back in the days of putting on your headphones, closing your eyes, and dreaming in technicolor, as you let your wildest thoughts flow to this special sound you’re taking in. The rhyming is packed with flavor, as the cool sounds are packed with a super cool flow, and super dope lyrics that makes it all work on another level.

Rosebudd’s “Major Flav II” is the type of music that’s so amazing one can be deemed selfish for not sharing with a friend. It’s exciting, intriguing, and packed with innovation, as well as creativity to make it stand supreme as a must hear record from your new favorite artist. If there’s a void in your life for good music, listen to this special record now and you”ll have all that you’ll need and more.

Check out Rosebudd “Major Flav II” below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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