Gwopped Up $peedy – KAWHI

Gwopped Up $peedy – KAWHI

“Giver her lock down D like Kawhi Leonard”

It’s music out there that’s so good that when you hear it, you can talk about it instantly. There’s also music so good that so many words come to my mind, that you don’t even know where to start. Gwopped Up $peedy’s new song “KAWHI” is the latter. Gwopped Up $peedy has been on Global Money World with his song “I Wanna Ball” and now he’s back better than ever.

Gwopped Up $peedy has an undeniable presence on his new song “KAWHI” as he puts numbers on the board and gets busy on the mic to an incredible level. The flow is full energy and has the right amount of machismo, to deliver his incredible lyrics that are raw, real, and honest, that hit you in the chest with every line, as he puts the game on notice.

Gwopped Up $peedy‘s “KAWHI” is some of his best work to date. Speedy steps up and puts on an amazing display of emceeing that can only come from someone with a high skill set. He doesn’t waste a single second showing his lyrical prowess, as well as his brilliant knack for making records. It’s a must hear if you love good music.

Check out Gwopped Up $peedy‘s “KAWHI” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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