Alex McArtor – Speed Into Air

Alex McArtor – Speed Into Air

“You’re getting harder to love babe”

Happy Sunday!!! Thank you all for rocking with us another week to enjoy some great music that we have to offer. Music can come from anywhere but today’s ultimate record is from the super talented artist Alex McArtor who out does herself on the  latest release “Speed into Air”.

Alex McArtor is purely supreme on the new song “Speed into Air”. Alex crafts together a musical piece over this brilliant production that is layered with enough musical prowess, to keep you dreaming for a lifetime. Alex’s many talents are on display with an amazing vocal performance packed with soul you feel with every note, that delivers the songwriting to perfection.

Alex McArtor’s “Speed into Air” is a master class of music at an infinite level. It has a star sound to it that you will appreciate as soon as the song plays. It hits the mark in every criteria of music and everything you need to enjoy this timeless masterpiece.

Check out Alex McArtor “Speed into Air” below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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