The Hubbards – Seven or Eleven

The Hubbards – Seven or Eleven

“Tell me that you love my style”

Music is truly an art from subjective enough that ten people can hear the same song and all have a different opinion. So many different factors go into what someone may consider a great record, that it takes an undeniable talent to stand out as great no matter what you like. The Hubbards is that incredible talent with their new song “Seven or Eleven” that is truly undeniable.

The Hubbards comes with a sound on this record that is packed with Rock, Soul and Funk on this new incredible tune “Seven or Eleven. The production is brilliant and the song writing is superb talking, that makes for an audio experience you’ll never forget and that you can enjoy limitlessly.

The Hubbards “Seven or Eleven” is a true master class of musicianship.The lyrics are brilliant in it’s articulation, the production is beyond amazing, and a great vocal performance that seals the deal on the perfect track to showcase this group’s genius.

Check out The Hubbards “Seven or Eleven” below and connect with them on Facebook. Stay Global my Friends!

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