Tay Rob – The Destination

Tay Rob – The Destination

“I took all my losses in stride”

Happy Friday!!! Thank you all for coming to the site this week and may you all have an incredible weekend. If you tuned in with us, you’re hear for some dope music, and you’ve come to the right place. Fridays are always about the best music to start your weekend and the best is coming from Tay Rob with his new song “The Destination”. 

Tay Rob does it all right on his new song “The Destination”. Tay Rob is an easy artist to become a fan of for countless reasons, with all being on full display on his latest release. He has a presence that you feel as soon as he steps up to the mic, with him being focused with his flow and delivery. What he has over most artist is conviction and feeling, as he’s authentic to the point you believe his journey, with him giving you his vision in audio form with incredible writing that makes him the perfect author for his story.

Tay Rob’s “The Destination” is him connecting with his fans at his best. Tay Rob has a way of telling a story to the point you feel it and see it, as he takes you through it all. He’s genius in his approach of rhyming and knows the art of reaching the people, with him showing off his talents in a major way.

Check out Tay Rob “The Destination” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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