Focus the Truth featuring Tony Yayo – Northside to Southside

Focus the Truth featuring Tony Yayo – Northside to Southside

“I’m not pretentious but I have the flow, that will spark ya interest” 

In this game it takes a lot to stand out and to last it takes consistency and hard work. Consistently giving great product with every release to a point a listener knows what they’re getting before they even press play on the track. When you add incredible talent into that mix, you have something that is unstoppable. Focus The Truth is unstoppable with his new release “Northside to Southside” featuring Tony Yayo.

Focus The Truth has been on the Global Money World previously withhis song “We All In” , Now he is back with excellent material you can expect from him with “Northside to Southside”. Focus works his magic all over this track giving excitement in every line with his incredible flow, that delivers his lines with the ultimate conviction. The production is authentic and soulful, to set the perfect tone for Focus and Tony Yayo to bless us with verses.

Focus The Truth featuring Tony Yayo’s “Northside to Southside” is another incredible record he can add to his catalog and shows why he’s a standout on the mic. Focus gets better with every release with his gold standard of emceeing, that makes him an artist purists go crazy over. The lyrics are sharp, the flow is very focused, and it’s all delivered on a silver platter over this production that sounds tailor made for Focus style to shine.

Check out Focus the Truth featuring Tony Yayo “Northside to Southside” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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