Swanky Tunes & NSSND featuring LexBlaze – Game-Time

Swanky Tunes & NSSND featuring LexBlaze – Game-Time

“Everywhere we go it’s like game time”

There’s an infinite amount of music coming out everyday. Countless songs being available to the public. Even without so much music coming out not too many songs are “fresh”. A good record that feels young, fresh, and new, with a sound that feels incredible. Swanky Tunes and NSSND connect togive some of the freshest music out there with their new song “Game-Time” featuring LexBlaze.

Swanky Tunes, NSSND, and LexBlaze make a party anthem on the new song “Game-Time”, firing on all cylinders to show you just how talented they are.. The rapping is wavier than ever with fresh lyrics being delivered by a fresher flow. All of this takes place over an amazing production, that is the perfect canvas set by Swanky Tunes and NSSND for them to show how great they are when it’s all on display for the world to enjoy.

Swanky Tunes and NSSND featuring LexBlaze “Game-Time” is one of the coolest songs you will hear present day. It’s a record that’s cool in not the cliche way of just being swagger rap but just music that is on another groove level, as the music itself is just on another level and can only come from a true musical masters with true control of their many talents.

Check out Swanky Tunes and NSSND featuring LexBlaze “Game-Time” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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