Producer Spotlight – Lillz Beats

Producer Spotlight – Lillz Beats

Music has a deep presence in our lives more than realize. Each time of our life always has music that is affiliated with it in some way. With music being the soundtrack of our lives, it important to acknowledge the people who score these cinematic work of arts in our life, the producer. The Producer Spotlight is made just for that and producer with a must hear sound is Irvington’s own Lillz Beats. He was gracious enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for us. The spotlight is on Lillz Beats

Who is Lillz Beats the Producer?

Lillz Beats is a Producer from Irvington, New Jersey that suffered from unresolved grief and anxiety so making beats is a stress reliever and is a escape from reality. Also I have a thirst for knowledge so I’m currently senior at Kean University in Union, New Jersey as a business major because I understand being a producer isn’t just about making beats it’s also a business. 

How did you get into producing?

I started off as a dancer in 2008, I use to dance to Jersey Club Music (Poplocking Music) I heard on Soundcloud. The music was not for download back then and it wasn’t a Soundcloud app for the phones so if you not on a desktop computer you can’t dance to the music you want outside your house. So in 2010 I decided to start making Jersey Club Music for my dance group, my name was Deejayy Anonymous. Then once I stop dancing in 2014, I stop making Club music. I miss the whole drill scene in 2012 with Chief Keef cause I was too busy dancing, I bearly even listen to the radio back then so I decided to go back in time on YouTube and listen to everything I miss and in 2015 inspired by Young Chop I made my first drill beat and  Lillz Beats was born. I never heard that kind of music before. I loved Club Music because the base hit hard and was dark so I found the same traits in drill music. 

What production software do you use and why?

I use Fruity Loops aka Fl Studio. I started off on FL 10 now I’m on FL 12. I use Acid Pro before and Logic Pro but in my opinion no software is like FL Studio. I love it, it got me through some hard times.

What’s your creative process for creating beats?

My creative process on making a beats is different. 80% of my beats comes from how I’m feeling and 20% come from vibes, as far as if I just heard a dope beat on the radio and I make the same type beat. That determine the mood of the beat if it’s gone be Trap (I feel good), R&B (I’m in my feelings), Hip Hop (I’m regular, just wanted to make a beat). I always start with the melody first because that’s the hardest part. I got so many VST’s so sometimes I go through sounds for hours and I make nothing. But once I get the melody, the drums, 808s, hi hats, claps come natural. If I get melody then I’ll be done with the rest of the beat less then 10 minutes.

What was your favorite project to work on?

My favorite project I worked on was when I did Killaaa Challenge 18. Killaaa Challenge is something I came up with in 2017 because nobody was buying my beats so I created a challenge where I got 5 – 6 artists rapping on Instagram for one minute on my beat and I pay the winner and I get a lot of exposure. I do it once a year and I got creative that year because I made the Killaaa Challenge  beat out of Car Alarm and I turned it to a trap beat. The challenge went viral and was on the explore page multiple times so I enjoyed that a lot.

Which artist would you love to collab with and why?

A artist I will love to collab with is FAT BOY SSE. He from Irvington just like me, I grew up with the same people he grew up with. We also played for the Irvington Raiders together but he was on a higher team then me because he older. He made a song called “Tyriq” and “Brothers” on his last project and he I feel he is highly underrated. Everybody just know how funny he is but he a great artist and we come from the same place so I relate to his music more. I will love to have him on one of my beat’s and see his recording process in the studio.

What’s next for Lillz Beats?

Balancing being a Security Guard, College Student and Music Producer isn’t easy but every Tuesday I do Type Beat Tuesday’s where I drop a new beat on Instagram and my website somebody request. So imma continue making beats, drop a new beat every Tuesday, and work on something I struggle with and that’s networking. I feel my music is good, business is good, but I don’t really reach out to a lot of artists. That’s my main problem because I feel I got beats that’s radio ready, but I need to get it to artists. I have my core artists I work with but I need to start getting placements. 

Connect with Lillz Beats on his website and follow him on social media. Stay Global my Friends!

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