MKHL – Clips on Clips

MKHL – Clips on Clips

“I got yo b**ch on Snapchat streakin”

Happy Monday!!! Today is the first day of Fall but with the weather getting colder there’s still room for hotter music to make up the difference. That difference maker to day is MKHL. Who has been on the site with his super dope style and performed at this year’s Free Sons Fest. He’s back with more music that you are sure to love with his new song “Clips on Clips”

MKHL blesses us with a track that is overflowing with swagger with his new song “Clips on Clips”. The performance is on another plateau, as he commands your attention with his style that flexes an extreme amount of bravado and charisma, that carries the track to it’s dopest destination with ease. The flow is infectious as he rides the waves of this production, while spitting fly lines in every bar that makes this song undeniable.

MKHL’s “Clips on Clips” is a record his fans and new listeners can enjoy alike. Everything is there to make this song supreme. The approach is brilliant, the flow is infectious, and all delivered masterfully over the perfect production to make this track another classic to his discography.

Check out MKHL “Clips on Clips” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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