Cantrell – No Guidance (Freestyle)

Cantrell – No Guidance (Freestyle)

“Girl you badder than that little boy with silver teeth”

Music is as flooded as it could be present day. So many artists and so many records, it takes a true master of their craft to stuck with it. To keep going after proving their skills and growing fame. That type of dedication is what you get from Cantrell on his latest addition to his #FreeShxtFridays Series called “No Guidance (Freestyle)”.

It’s nearly impossible to find an artist as dedicated to their craft as Cantrell as he not only gives his fans new music every week, but high quality music with each release. His latest release “No Guidance (Freestyle)” is a fresh approach with production from the Chris Brown and Drake Summer smash, with Cantrell showing how skilled he is with the flow, manhandling the track at every turn while, dropping game with his sharp pen that he’s known for, to put some more numbers on the board.

Cantrell’s “No Guidance (Freestyle)” is another incredible smash, with him out doing himself with every release. The record is a fun tune packed with bounce, that will make the people move, as well as admire the emcee skills being on full display for the world to enjoy, with Cantrell showing his knack for making records.

Check out Cantrell “No Guidance (Freestyle)” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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