Audrey – Paper

Audrey – Paper

“I can make you super blind”

If you listen to music enough it’s natural to become a fan of someone. For many reasons one can become a fan of an artist. Whether it be the music, the image, or the lifestyle, it’s natural to become a fan when that special thin connects with you. We’ve been fans of Audrey since we first posted her song “Yaburnee” and have enjoyed every release, as well has her rising success. With her new song “Paper” she shows her wife range of talent.

Audrey shows her ability to switch it up on her new song “Paper”. Audrey is known for having an incredible voice that is undeniable when it comes to making ballads, but Audrey is known for having a few tricks of her sleeve with her latest release showing that. It’s the perfect blend of her angelic voice and super cool lyrics that have enough swagger packed in them to make you the lyrics like they were written for you flyest moments life. 

Audrey’s “Paper” is another amazing record from an amazing talent that was born to be a big star. The production by frequent collaborator and manager Anwar Sawyer knocks just right, setting the perfect tone, and Audrey steps up and performs like she always does. Every aspect of the music comes together to make a song that you will want to hear again and share with everyone.

Check out Audrey “Paper” below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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