Throttle – Japan

Throttle – Japan

“Thinking of you forever”

There’s more music out than it’s ever been but with all the music out, there seems to be a void of feel good music. Music that sounds good to ears and feels good to the soul. It’s a void that needs to be filled and the new record from Aissie producer Throttle called “Japan” gives you all the feels you need.

Throttle creates a masterpiece with “Japan” the sound has a presence of it’s own, and sets a mesmerizing tone the great vocals to give you the inspiring lyrics over the record. The music feels good to the ears and creates magic with incredible production filled with bouncy drums and nice synth work to make it a work of art.

Throttle’s “Japan” is everything that not only music but the world needs right now. It’s that feel good music that brings people together and makes the world move, with a track that takes you on a journey that you hope never stops. The production is marvelous, the songwriting is inspiring, and the vocal performance delivers it all to it’s rightful destination.

Check out Throttle “Japan”  below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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