Akheim Allen – SIR

Akheim Allen – SIR

“Buy one big bust down chain”

Music is very subjective and with music being so subjective it can effect you and touch you at different times. Some music can take some time before you have the thought of liking it and some music stops you in your tracks and leave you stuck with awe in amazement. Akheim Allen’s new track “SIR” is one of those records.

Akheim Allen gives you nothing but flavor over this smooth hard beat he makes his magic happen on. He has that charisma and swagger of stars on “SIR” with him creating content with the perfect storm of hard lyrics and game. Akheim also has a video to match, that displays a bravado that is unmatched from the moment you press play on this incredible record.

Akheim Alenn’s SIR is everything people are looking for in music from his commanding presence that’s boasted by his marvelous bravado, A energetic flow that rides the waves of the sounds of this production to perfection, and the right beat selection that makes this song the total package.

Check out Akheim Allen SIR below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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