Jonathan Riggi and Wyatt James – Welcome Home

Jonathan Riggi and Wyatt James – Welcome Home

“Meditation when I’m rhyming”

Some of the best music ever has come from collaborative effort. Artist coming together with their creative minds to try to make an impact on the world. Fusing together musical styles isn’t always easy but when it’s done right, it makes undeniable magic. That magic is what you will hear from Jonathan Riggi and Wyatt James on the title track “Welcome Home” from their EP.

Jonathan Riggi and Wyatt James connect in a major way on “Welcome Home”. The production sets the perfect tone with piano keys that you can feel before any vocals touch. As soon as Jonathan Riggi steps up he delivers the chorus with smooth vocals that instantly engages you and lets you know you’re hearing masters at work. Wyatt James who has delivered many classics on the site, steps in and gives you everything you love from the artist. The rhymes are intricate, the flow is calm and in pocket, while everything comes together to make a damn good record.

Jonathan Riggi and Wyatt James “Welcome Home” is that real music you can feel .It’s packed with the level of soul that makes you connect to the music on a religious level, while making you an instant fan of their work. This song sets the perfect tone for the EP and will have you jumping at the chance to listen for more.


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