Alex Forte – RoseGold Freestyle

Alex Forte – RoseGold Freestyle

“Smooth as a criminal”

It’s hard to grab the attention of the masses as an emcee present day. So many emcees out there trying to make their mark in the game, it almost makes the task impossible. It takes a lot stand out and not everyone makes it but some people are just stars. Alex Forte is one of those stars especially with his new song “RoseGold Freestyle”.

Alex Forte is an emcee out of Cleveland, OH, who truly sounds like the next big thing. His style packs so much flavor and swagger on the mic that is undeniable, as he floats on “RoseGold Freestyle” with the ultimate charisma and conviction, that engages you as soon as you hear his vocals.

Alex Forte’s “RoseGold Freestyle” is the total package of craftsmanship for an artist. Everything is on full bloom from his super cool lyrics that instantly grab your attention, his flow that cements his presence on the track, and the right beat selection that make this song amazing.

Check out Alex Forte “RoseGold Freestyle” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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