Diomer Featuring Shiwan – Wake Up

Diomer Featuring Shiwan – Wake Up

“If you wanna know come get this biz”

Everyone listens to music for different reasons. Some listen to music to think and some listen to music to feel something. If you’re looking for that music that you can feel and will make you move, then you owe it to yourself to hear that new song from Diomer featuring Shiwan that has that bounce called “Wake Up”.

Diomer and Shiwan are amazing and shine like stars on the new song “Wake Up”. They come together to really kick the gospel with the lyrics that feel good to the soul, with them being sharp and super relatable, while addressing artistic and personal integrity, on a level you can feel. They not only shine with the lyrics, but the flows as well being a energetic and filled with charisma to make this song a must hear.

Diomer featuring Shiwan’s “Wake Up” is the right song at the right time for the world to vibe to. The message shines in it’s approach to make stand out as the hit it is. This record is a great display of artists using their powers for good in making a positive record to get you through, while still showing sharp emcee skills that makes this song click on a cylinders.’

Check out Diomer featuring Shiwan “Wake Up” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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