Daulton Hopkins – Two Town Runaway

Daulton Hopkins – Two Town Runaway

“Spirits lifted high”

Whats the point of doing anything, if you’e not giving it your all. Not giving it the best you have to offer to make something incredible. Daulton Hopkins gives you some of the best damn music you’ll hear on his new song “Two Town Runaway” that is pure indie pop magic.

Daulton Hopkins is beyond stellar on his new song “Two Town Runaway”. The music is undeniable with the production being superb, while having that special thing that makes the music feel good to the spirit to hear. The lyrics are excellent as he masters the art of story telling,g with the song writing just as daring as the musician singing them and it’s delivered on a silver and gold platter, by a vocal performance that was meant to sing these lyrics.

Daulton Hopkins “Two Town Runaway” is musical genius that the world should hear. It’s musically supreme with every facet of the song being done to a high level. The production is magical, the song writing is intricate, and the vocal performance is beyond amazing to make this a one of a kind jam for music lovers everywhere to enjoy for a lifetime.

Check out Daulton Hopkins “Two Town Runaway” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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