You Are What You Wear: STICKYBABY

You Are What You Wear: STICKYBABY

Greetings Global Family. This week’s installment of Global Fashion will focus on the brand STICKYBABY . There’s nothing we love more at Global Fashion than when a designer who takes a chance on their dream. As I like to say: “Fashion is Art and the world could always use more art. “

STICKYBABY  is a magnificent clothing line sure to inspire us all. If you are into chic vintage style with a message, this line is for you. STICKYBABY’s designer Amanda Litzinger is a creative genius. From appliqued satin jackets to T-shirts with dope slogans...I want to own everything she makes. Although the brand was created in New York, it has a cult fashion following from NY to Cali as well as globally in Italy and Asia. Amanda Litzinger describes STICKYBABY the following way: ” I like to describe my brand as an emotional expression through clothing in response to what is going on around me in the World.” And it doesn’t get more global than that.

So what fashion lessons have we learned today? There are many lessons to learn from Amanda Litzinger the creator and driving force behind STICKYBABY. My two favorite lessons here are: remember to be uniquely/authentically you and when in doubt take a chance.

Be sure to check out STICKYBABY using the link below and follow them on social media. Stay Global Friends!


STICKYBABY Instagram Page

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