chrisfrmkro – shonuff

chrisfrmkro – shonuff

“Light my fire”

Happy Monday! It’s the start if a new week which means, new music and new vibes to enjoy. The banger of the day comes from a familiar source who has taken over 2019 and may be the most impressive artist on the site this year. His music, drive, and consistency has been unmatched and has made him a thing of legends. That special artist is chrisfrmkro, and he runs it up with his new song “shonuff”.

The new song from chrisfrmkro called “shonuff” may be his smoothest to date. The music is smooth and flows well with a sound that leaves your body stuck, but makes your mind wander to a special place. The songwriting shines with his record making being on full display, with his melodic approach to his vocal cadence working it’s magic like it always does, to make some damn good music.

The new song “shonuff” from chrisfrmkro is another amazing record to a catalog that is becoming legendary. With every release chrisfrmkro gives you something special, while showing just how creative he is musically and how skilled he is to showcase his talents every time. Everything comes together marvelously to make one cohesive sound to make a sonically genius record.

Check out chrisfrmkro “shonuff” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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