Aaron Cohen & Jarren Benton – Yeezy 350

Aaron Cohen & Jarren Benton – Yeezy 350

“Know I keep the piece with me”

A big part of what makes all of this function is great music. If there is no great music, then there is no content. Amazing artist really makes this whole thing go and some of the most amazing Hip Hop you’ll hear present day comes from Aaron Cohen and Jarren Benton on the new song “Yeezy 350”

Aaron Cohen and Jarren Benton come to together like a thing of legends on the new song “Yeezy 350”. Their chemistry is immaculate as they compliment each others style to perfection, with them both spitting vigorously like men on a mission to takeover this polluted game. The punchlines are super hard, and show that it’s truly levels to being a top grade emcee.

Aaron Cohen and Jarren Benton’s “Yeezy 350” is that track you must not go another day without hearing. It’s high quality music from amazing artists that you will love and be waiting on alert for their next release. These two display excellence in every facet of hip hop skill from their lyrics, flow, delivery, and all over the right production, that not only makes this a great display of hip hop but just a great record you need to hear.

Check out Aaron Cohen and Jarren Benton “Yeezy 350” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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