Sean Mic – Sean Mic is Back

Sean Mic – Sean Mic is Back

“The music is my heart”

Happy Friday!!! We’ve made it through another week and you deserve to hear some great music for your trouble. Fridays are all about excellence and there’s no way we can truly stand by that without posting the new song from Sean Mic who’s making his epic return with his new song called “Sean Mic is Back”.

Sean Mic has a commanding voice that makes his presence felt all over his new track “Sean Mic is Back”. Sean is all business as he gives you powerful lines all through this track, with all lines being delivered by his high powered flow that you can hear the hunger in, over a hard production that is the perfect canvas for his art.

Sean Mic’s “Sean Mic is Back” is an amazing display of his talents. He gives you great production, raw lyrics that make you head nod, and a commanding ambitious flow that brings excitement at every turn. Sean Mic’s “Sean Mic is Back” is that real Hip Hop the people love and the Hip Hop people need.

Check out Sean Mic “Sean Mic is Back” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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