Myles Castello – Fade Away

Myles Castello – Fade Away

“All that’s left to do is pray for me”

Being an artist versatility is key to longevity in the music game. You can always master something but showing just how far your range helps determine your range of how many people you connect. Myles Castello clicks on all cylinders and shows his versatility from his singing, writing and rhyming on his new song “Fade Away”.

Myles Castello makes some undeniable fire with his new song “Fade Away” and uses the full three minutes to make musical magic that has unlimited replay value. Myles has an undeniable presence as he transitions between his slick rhyming and smooth vocals to ride this beat with ease, laying down his impressive lyrics over a production with the right amount of bounce to it that makes it a jam. 

Myles Castello’s “Fade Away” is higher upper echelon music that his fans will love. He puts on a master class in every aspect of record making, and lets all of his talents shine to the fullest with a song that you can’t keep to yourself, but have to show others this amazing piece of work. With great visuals to accompany this record as well, this is sure to be a smash.

Check out Myles Castello “Fade Away” below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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