Chuuwee – Boardman

Chuuwee – Boardman

“I got money on mind”

Being a great emcee can be a variety of things. With music being so subjective the criteria is truly limitless. For me a great emcee is an artist who lyrics are on point, a flow that is unmatched and delivers their message with the ultimate conviction, and a rapper who has originality and knows how to maximize their talents on a track. Chuuwee does everything right on his new song “Boardman”.

Chuuwee holds back nothing and gives the fans his all on “Boardman”. Chuuwee is relentless in his approach, rapping vigorously over this hard production with each hard line being delivered with the ultimate conviction, that shows he’s the real deal. 

Chuuwee’s “Boardman” is real hip hop at it’s finest with, her giving you an amazing display of gold standard rap, as well as giving you lyrics that rock the track from beginning to end. If Chuuwee’plan is to be a worldwide name, she is definitely on the right track of doing so.

Check out Chuuwee “Boardman” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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