Alfa Blvck – Homicide (Remix)

Alfa Blvck – Homicide (Remix)

“Enemy number one, when my buzz hit”

Happy Monday and Happy Labor Day!!! Monday’s are always about excellence. The best of the best and only fitting we post the man who puts in work like no other, Alfa Blvck. The super talented emcee who will rap circles around your favorite rapper anyday. He’s hung plenty of banners in the rafters here at Global Money World and his new “Homicide (Remix) is another classic.

Alfa Blvck does everything right on the new “Homicide (Remix). Alfa doesn’t waste a second firing on all cylinders showing that it’s levels to being an emcee. The flow is fluid, yet vicious ripping the beat into shreds, with his sharp lyrics that cut up anything left of this production that he breaks down into the tiniest molecules.

Alfa Blvck’s “Homicide” is full proof of why Alfa is one of the best around. He shows excellence in every aspect of his craft with showing he’s on another level of rapping, others can only hope to dream of, with supreme skill on full display for the world to view and enjoy.

Check out Alfa Blvck “Homicide (Remix)” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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