Clyde Park Avenue – Toxic

Clyde Park Avenue – Toxic

“You can hold a hand but never have a heart”

The perception of musical greatness is a thing that’s truly up to the listener. Whatever ones taste is and whatever they are looking for when they listen to music. If you’re looking for an amazing record with mass appeal then check out Clyde Park Avenue “Toxic”.

Clyde Park Avenue gives you musical brilliance with their new song “Toxic”. With this record they give you a true work of art , with everything clicking together to make one cohesive beautiful sound. The production has an authentic Rock sound that grabs your ears instantly, while the lyrics truly shine, and the vocal performance guides you the rest of the way, for what is an epic adventure of music.

Clyde Park Avenue’s “Toxic” sounds like the next big hit that you will hear everywhere you go with a sound that’s mainstream, while still being musically intact that separates this song from the pack. This band gives you all they have on this new song and that’s beyond enough, as they give you true musicianship that you have to be a witness to.

Check out Clyde Park Avenue “Toxic” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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