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“Ballers, I put numbers on the board”

Numbers on the Board was created to showcase a select few of incredible talents we have on the platform. This is for the artists who really put in work and excel at their craft. For the month of June the choice was made for us by these amazing people, Talented rapper Cantrell, Rockstars Miss Velvet & The Blue Wolf, the incredible producer Charlie Myles, and talented emcee Rell HUES. Get familiar with them below!

Cantrell: Cantrell is back with greatness as he spits with precision on his new track “Gold Roses Freestyle”. Cantrell crafts together a lyrical onslaught that the world will love with his new song. He makes this track his own as he displays his incredible pen and maneuvers through this track with ease, showing the type of bravado and charisma made of stars. Not only is Cantrell’s pen on point, the flow is on point as well instantly grabbing your attention and creating excitement every second of the track. 

Article Link: https://globalmoneyworld.com/index.php/2019/08/18/cantrell-gold-roses-freestyle/ 

Miss Velvet & The Blue Wolf: Feed The Wolf by Miss Velvet & the Blue Wolf featuring the legendary Godfather of Funk, George Clinton is magnificent. This pure rock beat is energized by engaging vocals delivered with conviction and power. The drums are amazing and track will pull you in immediately. This is an example of when everything goes perfectly right with a song. The production, the arrangement, the lyrics, and the delivery are all beautiful. 

Article Link: https://globalmoneyworld.com/index.php/2019/08/25/feed-the-wolf-by-miss-velvet-the-blue-wolf-featuring-the-legendary-godfather-of-funk-george-clinton/ 

Charlie Myles: Charlie Myles does it right. A producer from Savannah, Georgia who puts on in a major way. This talented producer was gracious enough to take the time to answer some questions for us. The spotlight is on Charlie Myles. 

Article Link: https://globalmoneyworld.com/index.php/2019/08/21/producer-spotlight-charlie-myles/ 

Rell HUES: Rell HUES crafts together Hip Hop gold on his new song “Dollar Is Power”. The lyrics are relatable as it gets, as he tells his truth that anyone chasing a dream can relate to. He’s daring in his articulation in a time where music is simplified, he shows his lyrical prowess by packing a gem in every line and all of them being delivered with precision, with his ambitious flow that pushes this track you can feel with every line. 

Article Link: https://globalmoneyworld.com/index.php/2019/08/27/rell-hues-dollar-is-power/  

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