Mike G – Exile (Album Review)

Mike G – Exile (Album Review)

“No one ever said we’d take it this far “

The purpose of putting out a body of work is to give people everything. To show your wide range of talent, while putting out a cohesive project for the people to enjoy. All of this fits perfect for Mike G’s “Exile” project. The music is sonically genius and shows just how talented this artist really is. With everything flowing well and each song being strong in it’s own right. Check out the review below.

Across The Hall (Get off Me): “I had a dream, I would be a king in every league” The production sets the perfect tone with 808’s with the right amount of bounce, and underlying synth work that gives it a nice feel, for Mike G to step right into. The rapping is packed with his signature flow and the message is very inspirational, as he starts this project with a message for the dreamers to get going.

Purchase: The second track changes the tempo with one of his singles, to build anticipation for this new body of work. This second track is super fly and super cool. The production takes you to a dream world with Mike G being the perfect tour guide. Showing off slick lyricism that slides smooth off the audio into the listeners ear, that makes you kick back and enjoy the show.

Everything That’s Yours, Pt II. Featuring G.U.N. :“You already know how this goes” If the previous song “Purchase” was the hit to load the bases, then this song is the record to get everybody home. Everything flows just right with Mike G not missing a single beat, giving you all the slick talk, with unlimited game being packed in the verses

This One: If you need a track that’s the perfect blend of Mike’s super cool flow and slick lyricism, look no further than this. This track sounds like a new age version of music you would’ve heard from TI’s “Urban Legend” album. The flow is right in pocket and the lyrics are packed with schemes that can pull off any job.

Burton : “Where I’m from n**gas still ride on they enemies”. What makes this project so sonically great is the song placements, which shines on this one. The verses are fierce on the production that sounds raw with edge, and then turns into a call of action in the chorus, with that music you feel in your chest.

Overdrive Featuring GAMO and Ash Riser: This track is most reminiscent of Lupe Fiasco’s “Little Weapon” off The Cool album. Everyone comes together to make this track click on every level. The verses are very consciously aware and packed with soul. The chorus beings everything full circle with a soul and Rock feel for a record that makes you think and makes you feel.

Time and Time Again Featuring Cat Clark: IfYou blended Kanye West “On My Way Home”, “Roses”, and add edge, with some bravado, you’ll have this track here. The production is soulful and laced with vocals from Cat Clark that gives it some magic, with Mike G being lyrically intact with some of his best lyricism of the project being displayed on this record.

Exile: “At my house come as you are” The title track from a project has to make a statement and this one surly does. This track takes a page from the first song lyrically, with a message that can get anyone through the darkest thoughts. The lyrics are thoughtful and empathetic, as he lets you know to keep going. The production makes a great canvas with a mellow tone and keys, that help bring this track to life.

All Eyes on Me Featuring GAMO: The finale sends you off just right. Mike G gives you everything you love from him on this song with dope production, as the slick flow and lyrics full of gems shine brighter than ever. GAMO brings value as well with an amazing verse and chorus work that sends the listener off just right.

Mike G’s “Exile” is everything a project should be. He gives you everything and it’s apparently clear with this release. Mike’s project is human in the sense it shows every side of us and that we all have levels, with him taking you deep into his. Each production is creative and the lyrics are well thought, raw, sharp, and aware that makes it music you need to hear, as well as show a friend.

Check out Mike G “Exile” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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