Fashion With Meaning Part II: HBCU T-Shirts

Fashion With Meaning Part II: HBCU T-Shirts

Greetings Global Family. This week’s Global Fashion will focus on HBCU T-shirts. Rather you actually attended college or not there’s just something dope about school spirit. There are thousands of colleges and they are cool for their own reasons…but today let’s focus on HBCUs.

Today’s fashion post will focus on HBCU T-shirts. HBCU stands for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. In the 90s there was a major movement of celebrating black culture. Rather it was music, fashion, sports, or television blackness equated to coolness. Now to be clear black is still and will forever be cool. However, the major difference between then and now is that black is more exploited than celebrated in music, fashion, sports, and television. Okay before I get on my soapbox the point is this: some people have never heard of a historically black college, yes even in 2019. So remember, something as simple as a T-shirt can really introduce something immensely important and that is why the HBCU T-shirt is being recognized.

So what is our fashion take home lesson today? So much of what we believe is based on what we see. And in 2019 representation is still very important. Yes, college is college so no matter what type of college you choose you’ll be good. But it’s still important for little black and brown kids to realize that there are dope colleges that will cater to their cultural needs.

Be sure to check out the HBCU gear sites listed below. And maybe the next time you wear a T-shirt take a moment to think about the meaning and message you’re sending.  Stay Global my Friends!

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