Stay Thirsty!: Lemonade Stand

Stay Thirsty!: Lemonade Stand

Greetings Global Family. This week’s installment of Global Fashion will focus on the brand Lemonade Stand. Here at Global Money we support entrepreneurs! Remember when people use to say “Stay Hungry”? Well Lemonade Stand encourages us to “Stay Thirsty” in a very positive and encouraging way.

Lemonade Stand is more than your average New York City-based streetwear brand. They have a really dope philosophy: “No matter what life gives you keep it simple, work with what you got and above all else, Stay Thirsty!” Fashion can be used to unite people as well as convey a valuable message. What do you think of when you picture a lemonade stand? Me personally, I picture a hard-working entrepreneur. The fahsion is fresh and the message is universal….. so seriously what is there not to LOVE about Lemonade Stand? From their dope logo to their ahead of trend style this brand is fly with timeless pieces to give your wardrobe the longevity it needs!

So what fashion lessons have we learned today?  Well, let’s literally take a page from the Lemonade Stand site “….start from scratch, put in the work, and give the people what they want.  We don’t just sell shirts here, we sell a story. When life gives you lemons…Stay Thirsty! ” Now this is the type of fashion lesson that is very easy to share!

Be sure to check out Lemonade Stand using the link below and follow them on social media. Stay Global Friends!

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