Rell HUES – Dollar Is Power

Rell HUES – Dollar Is Power

“They say the dollar is power”

What made Hip Hop rise to prominence is the way the music connected with people. Emcees telling their truth in a way that made it relatable and the soundtrack for our lives. It’s that truth that keeps the culture moving forward everyday and an artist who does this to perfection is Rell HUES with his new song “Dollar Is Power”.

Rell HUES crafts together Hip Hop gold on his new song “Dollar Is Power”. The lyrics are relatable as it gets, as he tells his truth that anyone chasing a dream can relate to. He’s daring in his articulation in a time where music is simplified, he shows his lyrical prowess by packing a gem in every line and all of them being delivered with precision, with his ambitious flow that pushes this track you can feel with every line.

Rell HUES “Dollar IS Power” is everything that makes people fall in love with Hip Hop. The content is pure and relatable, The lyrics are sharp and intricate, The flow is high class, and it’s all delivered on a silver platter on a beat that is the perfect score for Rell’s cinematic rhymes, that paint the perfect picture.

Check out Rell HUES “Dollar Is Power” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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